Streamline Training and Automation for Manufacturing's Dynamic Landscape

Empower your workforce to become competitive by developing customer-centric skills and automating their day-to-day operations.

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Why does Manufacturing industry need
Training and Sales Force Automation?

Product commoditization & price wars

In recent years, the manufacturing and industrial sectors have seen an increase of new entrants that seek to commoditize goods with a price-only focus.

Dispersed, multilingual workforce

Manufacturing companies have a wider, geographically dispersed workforce that interacts with their respective customers in regional dialects.

Low employee engagement & high employee turnover

Inadequate compensation and benefits, limited growth opportunities, lack of work-life balance, disconnect with the company culture are common in the manufacturing industry.

Upskill & coach your Manufacturing workforce

The current era of business demands a stable and long lasting partnership with supply chain partners. The constant influx of new competitors in the marketplace and growing product portfolio necessitates sales people in the Manufacturing industry to continuously upskill. Developing consultative selling skills, staying agile and building strategic partnerships are a must-have for this fast moving industry. But are you ready?

Train sellers to transition from a transactional to a strategic approach

Upskill sellers to engage buyers in a relevant, effective and personalized way

Provide consistent training & coaching to close, upsell, cross sell & grow key accounts

Training & Upskilling

Manufacturers need to lead with transparency at all times regarding product availability, lead times and delivery. Ensuring your Sales team has the necessary know-how on product, market and sales techniques is critical for your revenue generation goals.

  • Design a blended learning plan with CRT, VCRT and eLearning
  • Quickly identify knowledge gaps and assign appropriate course curriculums
  • Administer assessments with certifications 
  • Gamify your sales learning journey


Provide every sales person relevant and actionable coaching, through their managers, to help them perfect their pitch from day zero and produce tangible results.

  • Improve sales performance through on the job coaching for in-office workforce
  • Extend video-based coaching for remote employees
  • Reinforce winning behaviour with social amplification 


Working with long sales cycles requiring plenty of prospect education, following up and influencing key decision-makers is best inculcated in new sales hires at the onboarding stage.

  • Design a role-based learning path by stacking sales training courses
  • Improve training engagement and retention with an intuitive, multilingual mobile app
  • Make training collaborative with Social Learning

Enhance buyer engagement & 
Sales Executive

Today’s interconnected supply chain is unpredictable and constantly changing, making communication between Manufacturing sellers and buyers more important than ever before. Equipping your sales team to manage customer portfolios from the first touch, conduct personalized customer outreach while making their operations efficient is mission critical for impacting the company’s bottomline.

Equip with tools for digital communication & engagement

Automate day-to-day operations & streamline processes

Unlock the power of data & analytics

Buyer engagement

Get your sellers engaged early in the buying process to influence Request for Proposals (RFPs). Enable your sales executives to share personalized and relevant content with buyers for an improved seller-buyer engagement.

  • Get product brochures and other promotional materials at the tip of your sales team’s fingertips
  • Empower reps to build and publish product and brand campaigns for Whatsapp, Email and SMS to key stakeholders
  • Get detailed analytics on customers’ engagement with campaigns
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Sales ops Automation

Bring about efficient management of field sales. Enable sales executives to service more customers, reduce cost of running sales operations and more. 

  • Track complete lead to closure process
  • Capture customer history and monitor customer interactions
  • Build configurable workflows with multiple levels of approval and rejection
  • Manage time and attendance with selfie-based attendance and route-location tracking

Revolutionizing Engagement & automation for Manufacturing companies

Establish strategic partnerships with your customers

Represent your brand with confidence

Oversee sharing of accurate product information

Proactively identify opportunities to expand existing accounts

A complete ecosystem to amplify
Sales impact and drive business growth for Manufacturing

Sales LMS & Coaching Platform

Tune’em trains, upskills and coaches distributed sales teams to grow revenue & exceed quota.

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Sales Force Automation Platform

Royce automates & streamlines sales operations, enabling sellers to engage with customers efficiently.

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