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What We Do!

We provide enterprise business solutions to sense, understand and respond to critical field activities. Every enterprise has large direct or indirect Feet on Street people who interact with the customer or other stakeholders of the organization. Our end to end business solution framework (mobile data capture to dashboard / reports and integration with back end ERP / business systems) brings in efficiency in operations. Hence has an impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and quality of experience.

Business Process

ROYCE Solution framework has been conceptualized and built by people with several years of CxO level business and technology experience in both Indian and Multinational companies. The solution is equipped with critical features, tools and uses contemporary methods of customer acquisition and retention. The prime focus of the solution is on revenue generation activities such as business development, service and brand loyalty. The business process areas covered are –

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Service
  • Cash Collection
  • Learning and development of FoS

Technology Framework

ROYCE solution has ready to use functionality such as Digital Asset Management, Geo positioning, integration capabilities with back end systems, ready to use reports/dashboards. We develop and deliver mobile solutions which allow the feet on street employees to transact with the back end systems using text based SMS, form based SMS, GPRS & native store and sync later functionality. Our solutions work across all the mobile platforms such as JAVA, Android, BlackBerry, iOs etc. Hence, it addresses the need of automating the FEET on STREET (FoS) business process of enterprises at negligible investment in mobile hardware with a much wider coverage.