Tune'em drives continuous learning

Our LEAD methodology drives users to:

Learn online and offline,

Enable enterprises to updgrade the skill levels of their workforce

Assess their progress daily with incisive analytics helping users

Develop competencies necessary for increasing net productivity

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We help our partners GROW

% Employees certified on mandated regulatory training across subsidiaries

Users serviced. We pride ourselves on the services rendered to users across the globe over 11 years.

% Reduction in time for employees to perform in their role with the new company

x Faster onboarding turnaround time compared to estimations

% Revenue growth within 6 months of partnering with us

% Sales growth despite industry stagnation

% Reduction in go-to-customer time

Times higher productivity of the workforce

Why choose Tune'em as your LMS?

Other Features

Empower your company with these power packed features!

Broadcast successful behaviours

Use recordings to highlight winning habits, discover and communicate the "secret sauce" of your top sales specialists

Make learning fun

Keep your sales specialists motivated and focused by using gamified learning, sales-oriented contests, leaderboards, and other activities

Motivate your workforce

Facilitate continuous improvement with multi-tiered certifications

Connect your audience to experts

Allow participants to seek expert’s help for insights on products, processes, situation handling and self development

Gain insightful feedback

Receive insightful feedback from your sales specialists on your company's products, processes, training, campaigns, customers, and other matters

Intelligent learning

Take advantage of mandatory, suggested, and recommended courses for individual development

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