ROYCE is an all-in-one sales effectiveness platform that boosts growth

ROYCE is a modern CRM system that helps your users manage their activities like attendance, call planning and reporting. With inbuilt analytics and tools, it helps companies gain insights on their sales performance, empowering sales teams to take quick data-driven decisions.

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Features and Benefits

Empower your company with these powerpacked features!

Attendance Monitoring

Optimal time management on the field is made possible by timely attendance capture that is based on selfies and geotagging.

Tour planning and Approval

Allow your salespeople to set up beats and travel schedules in advance, and allow their managers to review, comment on, approve or reject their tour plans

Visit-based Geo-location capture

To ensure compliance, track your salespeople's geolocation as they do field trips


Enable salespeople to demonstrate/showcase products digitally (videos, pdfs, images) to customers via their mobile phones.

Integrated expense calculations

Highly customisable business logic that generates claims as per claim type and is closely linked with the attendance punched

Live Analytics

Obtain precise and up-to-date information on the key performance indicators of salespeople for data-driven optimisation.

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