We have in our team, business and technology people who have experience across domains and industry segments. Most of them have worked at CxO levels in Indian and MNCs and are thought leaders. Over a period of time we have developed methodologies and tools such as Enterprise Mobile Maturity Model (EMMM) and 5D Program Management Methodology. Using these tools and methodologies, we provide services in the following areas

  1. Enterprise Mobile Maturity Study
  2. Conducting dipstick study for areas where mobile solutions will provide major business impact
  3. Recommending mobile platform, highlighting integration & security issues and recommending the framework covering the 4 pillars
    • Business Process
    • Data
    • Infrastructure (platform)
    • Security
  4. Change management and information orientation
  5. Mobile enabling business processes
  6. Recommending and implementing mobile solutions
  7. Policies and procedures

We build customized mobile solution integrated with portals based on our technology & business framework and our data model.

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